Friday, June 28

Join us!

Wedding guests, you are all welcome to a boat tour with Viking Ship Sigrud on Friday morning (the day before the wedding).

It will be a 3-hour tour in the archipelago outside the castle – we will go by sail, and also help row the boat. There might be a stop on the way if we can find an island to plunder… bring your sword and Viking helmet!

The ship is booked exclusively for our group. Tickets are 400 skr (~$40) per person. (Less for children.) 

We are bringing Swedish a “fika” basket for all of us with coffee, juice, water and Swedish baked bread and cookies.

After the boat tour, we suggest you spend the day visiting the medieval castle Läckö Slott. There are guided tours, or see the castle on your own. A nice walk away is the fishing village Spiken with several places for lunch or dinner.



Göran and Catrine Fredrikson
+1 904 422 8630 (works always) Also WhatsApp
+46 722100389 (only works when I’m in Sweden)

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Events Timeline

There are 3 days of wedding events!

♥ Thursday, June 27

~ 13:00 (1:00 pm) until night
Bachelor and Bachelorette events
For more information contact Gustav's brother Erik or Kate's sister Isabella. 
(Childcare is provided for families with children - they will join parents, aunts, and uncles setting and preparing the wedding venue ).

♥ Friday, June 28

10:30 (10:30 am)  until afternoon
Viking ship tour for everyone.
We recommend you spend the afternoon visiting Läckö Castel and Spiken.

♥ Saturday, June 29

15:30 (3:30 pm) until 1:00 am
We recommend you spend the morning visiting the farmers market in the city square in Lidköping and walk around the town.