The Wedding Day

The Venue

The wedding will take place at the summer house of Gustav’s aunt and uncle. 

The Venue

Location: Ullersbo, Lidköping, Sweden
Not Linköping!

This is located just before the bridge to Kållandsö, on a hill, with a view of Lake Vänern in the distance. 


Saturday, June 29th, 2024
15:30 (3:30 pm)


Kate and Gustav are not asking for gifts and don’t have a registry, but if you feel inclined, these our organizations they’d love to support: Doctors without Borders, Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary, World Wildlife Fund, or organization of your choice.

The Wedding Dinner

What to expect from a Swedish wedding:

There is no rehearsal dinner – instead, the wedding dinner will last several hours.

Speeches will be frequent (very frequent in fact!) and expected from both family and friends. They’re more often than not very entertaining and heartfelt, and it’s a tradition Swedes carry in their hearts.

Swedes like to sing traditional folk songs both in Swedish and English. Don’t stress out if you don’t know the lyrics, you will get a printed handout.

According to Swedish culture, the couples on the guest list will be seated away from each other during the dinner. There will be seat assignments at the door to the party tent.


Please wear what is comfortable since we will be outside! Casual attire will be best such as sundresses or pants and a nice shirt. In the evening, it will get chilly so bring a warm jacket/sweater, and gym shoes for late-night dancing. Bring a swimsuit for an optional midnight swim.

The Party

The event may on until after midnight. There will be dancing, games, an Irish whisky tasting, a night meal (served around 23:00) and more. If the night is warm, we might go for a midnight swim, so bring your swimsuit!

The worth noting that the sun does not set until after 10 pm and it never gets really dark until the sun rises again at 4am.


as low as 60°F, and high as 80F°
Rain: 0-50%
Humidity: Low


There is plenty of parking below the gate. There is no pubic transportation that will match the start of the wedding at 15:30, and nothing for the back home. Sweden has very strict drinking/driving laws. We will plan and order taxis back to the hotels around 1:00 am.

Events Timeline

There are 3 days of wedding events!

♥ Thursday, June 27

~ 13:00 (1:00 pm) until night
Bachelor and Bachelorette events
For more information contact Gustav's brother Erik or Kate's sister Isabella. 
(Childcare is provided for families with children - they will join parents, aunts, and uncles setting and preparing the wedding venue ).

♥ Friday, June 28

10:30 (10:30 am)  until afternoon
Viking ship tour for everyone.
We recommend you spend the afternoon visiting Läckö Castel and Spiken.

♥ Saturday, June 29

15:30 (3:30 pm) until 1:00 am
We recommend you spend the morning visiting the farmers market in the city square in Lidköping and walk around the town.